Xbox One Can Work without Kinect? Awww, Man


In yet another reversal or moment of clarity or whatever, Microsoft says the Xbox One will not require the Kinect to be connected at all times. And all I can say is son of a bitch, the gaming world has lost a great source of comedy.

Unfortunately, we will no longer hear people reference George Orwell’s 1984 while talking about the next console generation. For a while there, the gaming community seemed to be more knowledgeable about literature outside of the latest GTA or Assassin’s Creed script. But now? Now everyone must be level-headed about these things.

Recently I argued that discussion about the eighth-generation console war turns many people into assholes. Microsoft’s see-sawing style proves my point even more. The console war is going to be a long battle, and not even the arrogant Microsoft is stupid enough to ignore the loud opinions of Internet fans.

Although we will be losing entertainment value due to Microsoft’s new(?) decision about the Kinect 2.0, we might get a closer look at the elephant in the room. OK really, there is never an elephant in the room anymore because people analyze the shit out of everything online. I mean, when it’s hot news on that two AA batteries will be included with the Xbox One, you know that gaming culture meticulously combs over every last detail.

But anyway, the elephant in the room that’s not really an elephant is pricing. And I’m not just talking about the respective prices of the eighth-generation consoles. I’m talking about prices of games, prices of accessories, prices of everything. Like I said, when AA batteries are something that Major Nelson finds important enough to tweet about, we know the analysis will continue in that general direction. Am I getting ripped off? Should I wait until this game drops in price? Should I even fucking play overpriced franchise titles when there are plenty of (good and bad) free indie games waiting to be played?

Whoa, sorry about that. I’m starting to get cranky about money. But seriously, this is why I keep saying that Nintendo must drop the Wii U price. Controversies about confidentiality, DRM and the like have lost much steam since Microsoft’s damage control campaign. The things that matter in an unstable economy will be in the forefront: software, price and … durability.

Yeah, durability is something a lot of people aren’t even thinking about. Microsoft has had its reality check. Do you need one as well?


  1. WOW! Never thought I would say this, but this is great! I’m going to change my preorder from PS4 to Xbox One now too.
    Xbox One definitely has better games coming and they have more studios than Sony too. I’m so excited for this!!!

    • PS4 has twice as many exclusives coming out, many of which haven’t been announced yet. How about instead of everyone forking over their cash before shit comes out, we wait and see what the end game will look like

    • Im pretty sure that post was complete sarcasm. No one really wants the xbone.

    • No it wasn’t. I’m definitely getting an Xbox One now. The PS4 just doesn’t do it for me (the entire PlayStation brand doesn’t) and was more of a forced purchase because of the Kinect holding me back with all the PRISM news. Now it’s no problem for me anymore and the Xbox One is the next gen console for me!

    • purpleworrior

      microsoft has more studios than sony? thats just nonsense talk. even if they did, which of course they dont (just look it up on “the internet”), they dont have naughty dog. they have 343 studios, a studio specifically designed to work on a single franchise, damn its name is even based on something from that franchise.

    • “The things that matter in an unstable economy will be in the forefront: software, price and … durability.”
      You forgot one: Innovation, which the PS4 CLEARLY lacks.
      Sorry, “graphics” can’t cut it for a true “Next Gen” experience.

      I feel bad even calling it the “PS4″.
      It should really be called “PS3.5″

    • Jed Pressgrove

      Interesting point. Honestly, I believe game developers are very responsible for innovation or lack thereof. If developers are not willing to try new things, the console’s features don’t matter. That brings me back to software. The big three have to get cool and innovative games on their respective systems.

    • Innovation need not just mean something you can see that sits outside the box, or a change in the control method. We’ve radically altered automative engines in the last 100 years, but we’ve been using a steering wheel and pedal to drive them over that time. Just because the controller hasn’t changed (much, although both controllers have been improved significantly) doesn’t mean we won’t get more innovative experiences. It’s just that the innovation will be in the experiences themselves (better AI, deeper physics – see Watch Dogs, for example – more complex worlds). That’s still innovation, and after all the gimmicks I’ve seen in recent years, the kind of innovation I’m looking for (and the kind of innovation we’re getting from games like ‘The Division’).

  2. This is excellent!
    I’m changing sides now and changing my preorder. Going from PS4 to Xbox One as MS has te way better lineup.
    Price wasn’t really an issue for me, I’m not poor, but the PRISM thing was really nagging and this solves it! Thank You MS!

    • extermin8or

      Umm so you don’t have to have kinect connected but that doesn’t stop them sharing stuff from when you use it. And the rest of your data? So if that truly was your reason for not getting Xbox one-little has in reality changed. If you wanted XB1 you might aswell have preordered it from the start although I suspect you always had XB1 preordered and are just posting this to troll.

    • I keep seeing this BS stuff about the Xbone having a better line up with the exception of three games I can think of their both getting the virtually the exact same damn games.

  3. It never was mandatory. It always had the option to be turned off. it isn’t like an added feature or correction. they simply chose to highlight the facts that Kinect allows a better full experience and is integral to what Xbox One is trying to do. it was the Fanboys and conspiracy theorists that tried to turn it into a negative. Thus they are just clarifying that it can be software turned off or even unplugged.

  4. Pricing is indeed a big issue, but one that gamers are too often to assume is too high regardless (ie, “Gamer Entitlement Syndrome” is still alive and well). When studios and publishers are going out of business left, right and centre, actual developers are working long hours for less money than they’d get doing comparable work in non-games software, and competition is fierce, it’s highly unlikely that games are overpriced.

    As for the whole XB1 thing, the console appeals to me more now. Not enough to get at launch, but if they release one without Kinect in a few years time (so they get it mandatory for a few years to build their install base, then release one without one for gamers that couldn’t care less so they can pick one up down the track) I’d happily pick one up. Looks like a good console, deffo got more hate than it deserves. Deffo not a hater here, I think the PS4 looks like a better gaming proposition, but a gamer should be able to have a good time on both comfortably :).

    • extermin8or

      I’d agree if both consoles were about that price point. Or if the XB1 had $100 better tech. But as it had the less powerful hardware and to alot of early adopters etc the kinect was a feature they don’t really give a shit about the price was too high. However in principle I agree with you (look at PS VITA and it’s “base price is too high arguments at launch. Yeah memory cards were too expensive but the device was like £75 than it’s… vastly inferior competitor in terms of capabilities-the 3DS which had been $250 a few months earlier. Thing was more powerful/is more powerful than $600 phones. Yet still people complained… worlds crazy.)

  5. I must be too early to read the guaranteed hateful comments. At this point, a certain group of gamers will never be satisfied with anything.

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