Would a Lower Price Help the Xbox One?


International Business Times reported yesterday that financial analyst Colin Sebastian said Microsoft is trying its best to decrease the price of the Xbox One. Currently, the PS4 is planned to cost $400, which is $100 lower than the planned price for the Xbox One.

The International Business Times report also included a poll that asked people what system they would choose if the Xbox One’s price was lowered to $400. The poll indicated that people still favored the PS4 over the Xbox One (3813 > 1914). One must keep in mind that the poll might not reflect general opinion accurately, but the results are interesting nonetheless.

I’ve written about how a Wii U price drop could help Nintendo, but it seems Microsoft’s situation might be a bit more complicated. The bad press and word of mouth earlier this year might hurt the Xbox One in any scenario, damage control by Microsoft notwithstanding. However, one would think a price drop could help some, even though it might not save Microsoft’s reputation.

At the very least, a price drop might encourage people to consider the Xbox One for its library and approach to multimedia. When Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS, the company made sure that the handheld had plenty of solid titles in the pipeline. Microsoft’s efforts from the software side might be considered more by the consumer if the Xbox One is more reasonably priced. In the end, if even a small amount of people are willing to buy the Xbox One due to a lower price, the friends of these people would receive more exposure to the system than they would have otherwise.

What do you think about a possible price drop for the Xbox One? Do you think price drops in general are a good idea? Sound off, Fate of the Game readers.


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  1. Miguel blounto

    If Xbone matches PS4′s price i am possibly am buying an Xbox on release day. Normally I wait for the signifigant price drop that occurs about a year after release. At this point I am looking for micro$oft to give me any reason not to buy a PS4.

    Nice article FOTG. You guys haven’t stopped posing interesting questions since your launch. You will continue to be a part of my daily reads.

    Xbone Up!

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