Vocal Co-op Episode 02: Games Get Easier/Cliffy B. Sucks

In the second entry in Dalton and Jed’s video series, Vocal Co-op, the guys discuss the fact that games have gotten easier, and in a special follow-up segment Dalton surprises Jed by asking him to elaborate on his recent article in which he calls out Cliffy B. formerly of Epic games.

Dalton Miller
Dalton Miller

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  1. Tyler Parsley

    I kind of got a late start in gaming. I had played games like mario and had watched my brother play games like Zelda, Resident Evil, and
    Silent Hill, but the first game I ever sat down and beat all the way through was Resident Evil 2 on the PS One. I have since gone back and played several of the classics and loved them. While I can’t say too much about how games in the generation of the original Zelda’s and Ninja Gaiden relate in difficulty to current games, but I do feel that games these days are way too easy. I played Bioshock Infinite when it first came out. My first play through I put in the Konami code to unlock “1999 mode”, supposedly a super hard difficulty that was really going to test my mettle as a gamer. Did I die a good bit? Yes. But did I find it all that challenging? No, not really. Once I got past the hour or so learning curve of 1999 mode, I can honestly say I got through the rest of the game with very little problem. I beat that game in a little over a week I think playing just about every day a few hours at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game, but I was a little bit disappointed that I was able to finish the game so quickly and with out too much trouble. On the other hand I have beaten Demon Souls, and have put in about 40 hours on Dark Souls and have still not even come close to have beaten it. I love this! A very good challenge that I can’t beat in two weeks of playing and that I can’t bring myself to sell back to GameStop cause that would be admitting defeat. I don’t think that all games should be like this cause I do appreciate playing a good game with a good story that I can see to it’s completion within a reasonable amount of time. But I do wish to see more games crop up that challenge me and are as stubborn as I am to be defeated.

    • Jed Pressgrove

      I haven’t played Bioshock Infinite yet, but it sounds like I shouldn’t expect a challenge (though I guess that game has been praised for its narrative more than anything).

    • Dalton Miller

      I really want to try the souls games, but one great series that can be punishing as well is Monster Hunter. MH’s challenge lies in preparation and knowing and exploiting your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, which is a great premise.

    • Tyler Parsley

      Yeah I’ve heard alot of great things about that game. I have played Soul Sacrifice(Yes, I know I’m one of the 3 people in the world to have a vita) and I liked it alot. I know the creative director of that game used to work on the MH franchise and people have said that it’s a similar game. SS seemed like a great game to play with friends too, well, if any of my friends had a Vita…. :(

  2. I love a lot of modern shooters, but I really wish more of them get away from regenerating health. Scrambling health packs in the chaos of battle is really fun. Stop limiting us to two guns in every game. I also liked it more when shooters had us figure out cover on our own, where was just stand behind an object and crouch, as opposed to the cover prompts they have now in a lot of shooters. I liked what The Last of Us did in regards to that: It wasn’t a cover system where you attach your self to a wall and have to detach yourself. One just had to duck behind a car.


    Really enjoyed this episode. I feel ya on the Contra warzone Jed. I beat that game such a long time ago, but everytime I hear about it, it brings back such sweet sweet memories. Can’t say that about many newer gen games. Also enjoyed Dalton’s perk discussion. I am sometimes guilty of rushing through perk based games, which kind of has the opposite of the superman effect. I like it when they are challenging too though, and you are better off if you do sidequests to get special perks and do not just rush through the game. I will never forget my experience in KOTOR when I rushed through the game, and when I had to fight Malak, I was screwed. There was no way out, and the only thing I could do was spend hours getting destroyed by him until I figured out a sudo cheat to beat him. Never again… Have a good one guys. Great show.

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