The Last of Us: Hands-On Impressions


The Last of Us is finally in my hands, more specifically loaded into my PS3 disc tray and ready to rock. Featured exclusively on the PS3, the standard release retails for $59.99, with a Survival Edition for $79.99 and the Post-Pandemic Edition for $159.99. PlayStation Network had the title up for day one digital purchase and download as well.


Sony Computer Entertainment America had this to say about The Last of Us: “The Last of Us delivers an evocative journey of survival in a world radically transformed, set twenty years after a virulent pandemic spread by the cordyceps virus has ravaged the course of humanity. The Last of Us is a gritty, realistic experience that explores the depths of humanity through main characters Joel and Ellie. The two are brought together by chance and thrust into life-changing circumstances. Their journey is rife with emotionally charged moments as the narrative centers on themes of survival, loyalty, love and redemption.”



Naughty Dog has already brought us some amazing games, such as the Uncharted series, and their next installment, The Last of Us, is set to surpass the rest. So far I have put about two hours into the campaign. Let me tell you, this isn’t a game you want to miss. The first 15 minutes of the game is sure to grab anyone’s attention, even that of non-gamers.

Naughty Dog has pushed the PS3 to its limits, especially with the characters and their animations. The amount of detail in the world around you is stunning.  Being a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by infection, turmoil and nature, it really pulls you in and sets the tone for the story to come. The infection, which is called the cordyceps virus, has real-world connections to our lives today, as it is known to affect insects such as ants, caterpillars, and spiders (see It’s really interesting and frightening at the same time when you realize this infection isn’t too far-fetched of an idea.

The infected are terrifying to encounter. Their screams will test your resolve, especially if you are playing in a dark room all by your lonesome. You cannot approach this game with a run-and-gun play style. Bullets are even more scarce than health items, so you will find yourself sneaking past infected humans as well as the oppressive military presence in the game. When you absolutely have to dispatch an infected enemy, be wary of alerting other infected humans. It is nearly impossible to survive a bout with more than two or three infected, as they will beat you down into the fetal position and, if you can’t run away, to death.

Stay tuned as I will be writing a full review after completing the game.  In the meantime check out the Last of Us story trailer below, and let us know what you think of Naughty Dog’s PS3 swan song.


Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers

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  1. darkonioiusrex

    Really looking forward this game. The spores on these zombies make them look like Fun-Guys!

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