Super Resident Evil 4: Hyperventilating Edition Comes to PC


In late February PC gamers will be able to play Capcom’s latest version of fan favorite Resident Evil 4 — Super Resident Evil 4: Hyperventilating Edition. Capcom revealed its intentions with the upgraded game in a visionary 5,000-word email to various members of the press.

“We want every gamer in the world to buy Resident Evil 4 at least twice, even if that means buying it again on their platform of choice,” the Capcom email said. “We also admit that perhaps we didn’t get Resident Evil 4 right the first time around on the GameCube, the second time around on the PS2, the third time around on the PC, the fourth time around on the Wii, the fifth time around on mobile platforms, and, well, you get the idea.”

Not only will Super Resident Evil 4: Hyperventilating Edition include HD graphics, but it will offer a “Hyperventilating” mode, where the game tries to unravel the player so much that he or she passes out from lack of controlled breathing.

“We’ve tested the Hyperventilating mode on several focus groups,” the Capcom email said. “Thirty percent of the players in these groups passed out in their seats. This enthusiastic response further merited another release of our cherished masterpiece.”

The frame rate of the game will also be at 60 frames per second, a first for Resident Evil 4.

“Sixty frames, baby,” said Harry Dickens, a game journalist who called Wind Waker HD the 2013 Game of the Year. “CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS SHIT.”

Since the announcement of Super Resident Evil 4: Hyperventilating Edition, various Twitter users have shared how they would name Capcom’s latest edition of the popular game.

“Earlier today I saw someone call this game Ultra Mega Super Duper Resident Evil 4: World Champions of Zombie Fighting HD,” a Capcom representative said during a phone interview. “It’s really good to see people so excited that they can’t say the name of the game right. Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all.”

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