Steam’s Summer Sale is over.


Steam started one of its biggest yearly sales yesterday, the Steam Summer Sale. The sale will end July 22nd. The site is featuring daily deals, flash deals that change every 8 hours, and community choice deals, which gives us the chance to vote for one of three choices. So get your wallet ready to take a beating. I couldn’t even find mine. It went into hiding the moment it heard me get excited about the deals.

Click the Steam logo to see their sales for the day and don’t forget to check out my top picks below.



Here are a few of the top deals I’m looking at for the first day of sales:

July 11th Top Deals: 

Bioshock Infinite50% off$29.99 

Skyrim: Legendary Edition (includes Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn content and much more) – 40% off$35.99

Left 4 Dead 275% off$4.99

Hotline Miami75% off- $2.49

Stayed tuned throughout the next 11 days for more of my top deals featured on Steam’s Summer Sale.


My top picks for Steam’s Summer Sale July 12th are below:

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 285% off$4.49

The Walking Dead (Episodes 1-5) - 75% off$6.24

Far Cry 3 - 40% off$23.99

and at an absolute steal… Just Cause 2 - 80% off$2.99

Stay tuned to Fate of the Game for Steam’s Summer Sales Day 3 update tomorrow and my top deal picks.


Here are the top picks for Steam’s Summer Sale July 13th:

Tomb Raider75% off$12.49

The Witcher 275% off$4.99

Resident Evil 650% off$19.99

Borderlands 2 - 66% off$10.19

Catch these fast as they will expire tomorrow at 12pm central time. Check back Sunday for more top deals.


Here are the top picks for Steam’s Summer Sale, Sunday July 14th:

Arma 266% off$4.41

Fallout New Vegas75% off$2.49

Total War Shogun 2 - 75% off$7.49

Portal 275% off$4.99

Check back Monday for Day 5!


Check out my top picks for Steam’s Summer Sale, Monday July 15th:

Max Payne 375% off$9.99

Dust: An Elysian Tail - 50% off$7.49

Castle Crashers - 75% off$3.74

Dishonored66% off$10.19

Check back again tomorrow for more top deals from the Steam Summer Sale!


Take a look at my top picks for Steam’s Summer Sale, Tuesday July 16th:

Red Faction Guerilla - 50% off$9.99

Alan Wake90% off$2.99 | Alan Wake Franchise (includes Alan Wake, American Nightmare, and Collector Edition Extras) – 90% off – $3.99

Sleeping Dogs - 75% off$6.24

Strike Suit Zero75% off$4.99 + Strike Suit Zero Infinity Game Content75% off - $1.74

Visit Fate of the Game Wednesday, July 17th for more top deals from Steam’s Summer Sale. Only 6 more days left. Get the deals while they’re hot.


Here are my top deals from Steam’s Summer Sale, Wednesday July 17th:

Flash Sale: Expiring in less than 7 hours is… War of the Roses: Kingmaker75% off$4.99  Be sure to check out Dalton’s Run Down for War of the Roses for a look at how cool this game is. 

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition75% off$7.49

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 85% off$2.99

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – 33% off$6.69 Worth every penny! 

Check back Thursday the 18th of July for more of my top Steam Summer Sale deals.


Top deals from Steam’s Summer Sale, Thursday July 18th:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon40% off$9.99  Be sure to check out Fate of the Game’s own, Dalton Miller’s Review of Blood Dragon

XCOM: Enemy Unknown75% off$9.99

Telltale Games’ Poker Night - 33% off$3.34

Community Choice deal: (ends in less than 7 hours)… Risen 2: Dark Waters - 75% off$4.99 

Visit this page tomorrow for Friday the 19th Steam Summer Sale deals.


My pick of top deals from Steam’s Summer Sale, Friday July 19th:

Primal Carnage50% off$7.49   

Rayman Origins66% off$6.79  Expires in less than 7 hours

Metro 2033 - 75% off$3.74

and the sequel… Metro Last Light - 40% off$29.99 

Check back right here Saturday the 20th for more of my picks from Steam’s Summer Sale. Three days left…



The Steam Summer Sale is over. I did miss an update for Saturday but didn’t see any noteworthy deals and Sunday was just a rehash of the most popular deals. Thank you guys for reading. Stay tuned to Fate of the Game for future Steam news and deals.


Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers

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