Nosgoth Alpha Comes to U.S. and Europe + New Screens


Having just, and I mean seconds ago, purchased the Legacy of Kain collection in Steam’s Halloween sale for $5 with the intent of revisiting the franchise, the news of the multiplayer-centric Nosgoth closed alpha coming to the United States and Europe has me interested. While not exactly what I want out of the languishing, vampire action franchise, I have to admit I do want to play it.

Details on Alpha Registration:

Register For The Chance To Take Part Now!

Square Enix and Psyonix are pleased to confirm that gamers in North America and throughout Europe are now eligible to take part in the exclusive Nosgoth Closed Alpha.


To celebrate this exciting milestone and the first playable session that took place last week, a selection of screenshots from the Closed Alpha sessions have been released.


For the first time, players can take an active part in this brutal war between Humans and Vampires in the struggle to control their broken land . With a range of classes within each race, an arsenal of deadly weapons and an array of customisation, gamers will need to rely on strategy, communication and team work to become victorious and fight another day.


New recruits are already fighting in the war for Nosgoth. To join the exclusive Closed Alpha register now at as the number of invitations are extremely limited. Subscribers need to whitelist the confirmation email address to ensure they do not miss out on access keys.


Square Enix has also seen fit to release a couple of bloody delicious new screens for the game as well, so check ‘em out below.

Nos_Screenshots_v1_goth_Highres_Screenshot_00001_wm_3 Nos_Screenshots_v1_goth_Highres_Screenshot_00003_wm

Stay tuned to Fate of the Game for more on Nosgoth.


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