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I have to admit, Super Amazing Quest almost got on my good side with its pixels. The game also received a glowing reception at Game Jolt. But as I played this free platformer, I kept thinking one thing: this isn’t fun, this isn’t fun, this isn’t fun. The little time you’ll spend on Super Amazing Quest is better spent on superior free games on the PC.


If you grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s, it’s difficult not to be affected by a blast of nostalgia when looking at this game. Super Amazing Quest is something you could have seen on the NES if not for the 3-D perspective (I suppose younger gamers might be reminded of Mindcraft). Regardless, once you get past the nostalgia and depth perception, there’s nothing particularly imaginative about the visuals of Super Amazing Quest.


I would love to tell you about the music in Super Amazing Quest, but I couldn’t get it to work after the download. Developer Rob Van Sooze says you must extract the files first or you might not hear the music. I followed these directions with both the .zip and .rar downloads of the game and still haven’t heard one tune. Oh well. (The sound effects are forgettable, by the way.)


Jumping, attacking and setting bombs make up the banal gameplay. You jump from floating island to floating island. Some are horizontally lined up, while others are above or below each other. The jumping is pretty much on the money, but if you fall, the autosave ensures that you will be close to where you died.

Combat is where Super Amazing Quest fails. This game is about brawn and virtually no strategy. Your sword attack is lazily conceived from both a visual and design standpoint. Essentially, the hero barely moves his jagged sword toward enemies. I get the feeling this was supposed to make me laugh, but seeing the combat in action almost put me to sleep. Holding X allows you to string consecutive hits, a la holding the mouse click in Diablo. This approach works fine on the first few enemies you encounter, but eventually enemies move through your barrage and deliver cheap damage. Even more annoying, enemies will often wait at the edge of a platform you need to jump to. Jump and attack all you want — you are going to take damage in this situation. The bomb mechanic is goofy as hell, too. Instead of setting bombs in front of you or throwing them, you shit bombs out of the back of your neck. I guess some knights have weird digestive and waste systems.

Nostalgia might influence us to think this is all cute and fun, but in reality Super Amazing Quest has piss-poor gameplay compared to NES-inspired games like Arvoesine. Even the better NES games had good or at least consistent hit detection. The only excuse for the terrible combat mechanics in Super Amazing Quest is a poor sense of humor. And even though the platforming is better than the combat, it’s just as boring. With free indie games like Hero Quest and One Fine Day playing with the boundaries of platforming, there’s nothing exciting or pleasurable about jumping from one floating island to another. Nostalgic jokes about “walking to the right” don’t justify the Stone Age gameplay.

But wait! After you beat the final boss, modernity rears its head with a quick time event. Well, I say quick time; you can take all the time you need, which is great because it took me a bit to figure this shit out:

Screenshot (1)

So what does that pixelated shit look like to you? I thought it looked like a C or <, but they didn’t work. I then slapped random keys on my keyboard while nothing happened. Turns out, this message wanted me to press the left arrow key. IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE A DAMN ARROW KEY.


Super Amazing Quest can easily be beaten in one sitting. Unless you really like bad jokes, I don’t see a reason to play it a second time.


This game is free and adoringly pixelated, but that doesn’t mean anyone should like it. “Super Amazing” is a hipster’s joke. Don’t be encouraged to download this garbage.

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Nostalgic Graphics
Music May Not Work
Boring, Dumb Gameplay

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