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derp of duty

Since its release on June 27, Derp of Duty has been one of the most downloaded indie adventure games on Xbox Live. This popularity is partly, or perhaps mainly, due to the big-boobed women that appear on the game’s cover and preview shots. These well-endowed specimen are surely not worth the game’s $1 price; after all, we live in a technologically advanced world where nudity of any sort is at one’s fingertips. Sadly, the gameplay and story in Derp of Duty are also not worth $1, putting this game among the crappiest titles of all time. Derp of Duty makes Leisure Suit Larry look like a masterpiece.


The graphics are the strongest part of Derp of Duty. The artwork, though perverted, is well-drawn and consistent. Derp of Duty isn’t exactly impressive from a visual standpoint, but you can’t really fault it in this respect.


Perhaps the voice acting for Derp, the titular buffoon, and other characters can be enjoyed if you really want to enjoy it. The problem is that (a) the actual script is terrible and (b) none of these voice actors are natural comedians. A lot of the main character’s jokes are references to “bongas” (“boobs” or “tits” for the unenlightened), and the game’s writing just doesn’t have the satirical edge of, say, Beavis and Butthead. Derp of Duty’s voice acting isn’t even laughably bad; a black character is voiced by a guy doing a decent, but still tedious, Eddie Murphy impersonation. All of this nonsense is backed up by some truly trashy music, which I suppose could be appreciated in an ironic way. At the same time, the joke gets very old very fast.


The gameplay is easily the worst part of the game. This point-and-click “adventure” lacks any semblance of exploration, discovery, or intelligence. Several of the “puzzles” amount to getting on Derp’s computer and clicking icons that in turn tell you exactly what items you need to find. Since several of these items are things you would find in a gun shop or post office, it’s a no-brainer to go straight to the, you guessed it, gun shop or post office. If for some reason you get stuck, just go to one of the game’s seven main screens and click away until something happens. That is the extent of Derp of Duty’s gameplay.

Don’t download Derp of Duty thinking that you’re going to get good satire that makes up for the game’s embarrassing and idiotic point-and-click gameplay. One might say that Derp is a caricature of a sex-crazed redneck and that none of the material should be offensive – material that includes every black character being a criminal and our moronic hero killing a gay man and a fat woman. I guess someone might find all of this an amusing commentary on racism, homophobia, and misogyny, but I found the whole experience mind-numbing.


This game has zero replayability, unless you find yourself giving a damn about the next chapter. That’s right, this game doesn’t have a proper ending. After going through about half an hour of atrocious gameplay and story, one would hope to get something as a reward for the effort. Instead, the director of the game laughs at you. Joke’s on me!


The truth is that this game would best be enjoyed by someone who shares the idiotic mindset of the main character. This is not to suggest that no intelligent person could enjoy playing and beating this awful game, but I would like to talk to anyone who could call Derp of Duty even halfway fun. I’m just betting that such a conversation would be 10 times better than this game, thus justifying me actually playing through the piece of shit.

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Decent Artwork
$1 Price Tag
Terrible Voice Acting/Dialogue
Idiotic Point-and-Click Gameplay
No Ending
Very Questionable Themes

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