Indie Review: boogerman shits

Jack King-Spooner completes the puzzle.

Jack King-Spooner completes the age-old puzzle.

Jack King-Spooner is the creator of provocative, funny and even touching pieces of video game art. (Look no further than Will You Ever Return? for evidence of his unique style.) But his most daring exhibit was posted a couple of months ago at Game Jolt: boogerman shits (go ahead and play it now — it’s free). I say “daring” because unlike Jack King-Spooner’s previous work, boogerman shits is not even close to being worthwhile as a gaming experience. Instead, it gets straight to the essence of the retro platformer Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure: toilet humor.


It’s no surprise Jack King-Spooner picked Boogerman for his display. Like Earthworm Jim (the developer’s favorite game as indicated in this interview), Boogerman is a well-animated retro game that resembles a cartoon. The game features green mucus, fiery farts and even toilets (the latter are to Boogerman what pipes are to Mario), but everything falls short of explicit. Jack King-Spooner corrects this limitation.


The music, though appropriate, doesn’t matter here. What’s matters is the vocal struggle of a man who desperately needs to take care of business. At times, this struggle can still be heard after the defecation — a technical design flaw that can be forgiven. The greatest effect is the excretion. The release is clearly a combination of feces and air.


The control is very intuitive. Simply hold down the space bar until Boogerman takes a shit. When you release the space bar, you are physically relieved, much like our hero. You can do this as many times as you like.


When you gotta go, you gotta go.


Besides its sense of humor, the original Boogerman only offers mediocre platforming. The game has failed to stand the test of time. With this in mind, Jack King-Spooner delivers the perfect message and, thus, a superior game: Forget the platforming, just take a shit.

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  1. Call Of Duty Ghost beats this for the amount of shit you can fit into one game, Ghost is overflowing with the stuff, add in all the shit people that play it online, and it’s a shit tsunami that will kill us all.

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