Gears of Snore: Hey Cliffy B., Make Better Games


Cliff Bleszinski’s tweets about Microsoft’s policy change on used games have made the news. Notwithstanding that I think it’s somewhat ridiculous that we pay attention to what someone says on Twitter (and Cliffy B. says a lot), I want to take the opportunity to point out what his dialogue symbolizes: developers vs. gamers.

That’s right, what we want is not what a developer necessarily wants us to want, even if it’s fair game in the free market. Of course, Cliffy B. directs his ire toward both us, those clueless gamers, and GameStop: “I want *developers* who worked their asses off to see money on every copy of their game that is sold instead of Gamestop. Fuck me, right?”

Well yeah, if you want to be a condescending jackass, fuck you. But honestly, the dialogue doesn’t have to be like this. Cliffy B. and developers like him need a dose of reality. They should recognize that gamers aren’t as stupid as what Cliffy B.’s tweets suggest. After all, it was Microsoft’s lack of respect toward the gaming community at large that created this hostility in the first place. Remember, dude, we buy your games.

Well actually, I don’t buy Cliffy B.’s games, but that’s beside the point, or is it? Remember Nintendo’s recent take on used games? In an interview with IGN, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata gave us this gem: “The best possible countermeasure against people buying used product is making the kind of product that people never want to sell.” Or in my case, making the kind of product that I would want to buy in the first place.

I’ve noticed something in GameStop over the years: some of the used first-party Nintendo games are pretty damn expensive in comparison to other used games. Take Mario Party 9, for example. Regardless of whether you like the game, you have to admit it’s impressive that it still retails for $45 used after a year of being on the market. That means supplies for the game are low; people don’t want to sell it back.

So Cliffy B., maybe you need to make a game that is as good as Mario Party 9. Something that people don’t want to let go. This goes for all developers complaining about the free market. No one forces you to make games, but if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Check out what Ubisoft has been doing. The company has recently released two $15 games for download (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger), and I bet people, on average, are more satisfied with those games than they have been with a $60 Gears of War game. And thus far, neither of these games have downloadable content; honestly, they don’t need any. Gunslinger, for example, is packed with content and solid design.

Console gamers have spoken. Without us, no one would have ever given a shit about Cliffy B.’s pointed tweets. I wish all publishers and developers would respect this simple fact.


  1. You gotta love some of these game developers. Cliffy B and his ilk want a 2nd bite at the apple. When you buy any other electronic device or media, does the retailer make money when you sell said device/item to another party? So why should game developers make money with every single transaction of their product? It’s counterintuitive. A used game means that game has already been sold as new at some point. After that, the game belongs to the consumer to do as he/she sees fit, and no developer has any legal claim on that product. That is how capitalism works. If the day comes when a purchase no longer means ownership, why buy????

  2. I will agree with you people about cliff being a jerk, and needs to watch his mouth hell he blocked me on twitter for telling him the sawed off shotgun ruined gow3, he criticizes everybody else but when i criticized him he cowarded away and even admitted years later after he left epic that the sawed off ruined gow3. But u cannot deny his talent i love the man for creating gear of war which is one of my all time favorite ip’s,hell gears of war 3 outsold all of sonys 1st party titles combined the game has made him millions! u cannot deny his talent he didn’t retire with 15 million because he was just going along with the crowd, the man really is a genius but sometimes he needs to keep his mouth shut.

  3. I definitely agree. I see where cliff is coming from, for sure there’s nothing wrong with the developers wanting to see profits from used games, but when you look at it in context, the real issue here is most games these days are too damn short. Take enslaved for example, decent game, nice graphics, nice story, 6 hour campaign, no extra modes, no replayability to speak of. Like you, I didn’t even bother buying the game to begin with, and this is an issue a lot of games suffer from. Thankfully in the past couple of years things have improved somewhat, most single player centric games ship with something else to help replayability be it a challenge mode(like Ninja gaiden), a plethora of unlockables(like bayonetta) or just being very very long(skyrim) so hopefully this reduces the necessity to sell games right back.

    Either way I think developers are focusing on the wrong aspect of this issue, they should stop looking for ways to get money out of used games and start focusing on making games that we don’t even want to sell back to begin with.

    • Terrence Jones

      So why do you think that campaign for Enslaved was so short? Could it possibly be due to a small budget that didnt allow for extra levels and such? Again you guys think that the gaming industry owes you something. Yes, if it werent for gamers you wouldnt have the industry, but if it werent for those who chose to sacrifice a normal life for the craziness of the video game industry you would have nothing to play. Whos to say what any of us would be doing if the industry didnt exist? What if Mayamoto never made SMB? What if Nintendo never changed their business model and made the NES? What if SEGA never made the Master System? Honestly ask yourself what would you be doing right now if the industry didnt exist?

      No offense but so many of you are so asinine and pompous in what you believe, The 2 examples you used? Only one Received a high review. And just like in another article I read. What happens when you change game systems? those games don’t go with you. They are not physical so if your hard drive becomes corrupt good bye Gunslinger. Good bye 15 dollars. Or the idea that your digital games wont transfer to the XB1 or am I mistaken?

      Again. like I just typed in another post, stop thinking that your so special and have the right to more than you deserve. If we allow these companies to develop these experiences and support full retail then its almost guaranteed that the experiences will get better. If they don’t THEN vote with your consumer dollars. AND STOP MAKING ACTIVISION SO DAM RICH BY EATING UP THE MEDIOCRE CALL OF DUTY FRANCHISE!!!!!!! You all dont seem to have a problem buying THAT game full retail…

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