Fate of the Game Cast: Episode 04


The guys discuss cross/trans generation games, and the Hit List is born. Tyler tells us all about his hands-on visit to the Nintendo press event. Jed plays D&D(Nerd), and Dalton goes off about Deadpool.

For Mobile Listeners: Fate of the Game Cast: Episode 04

Dalton Miller
Dalton Miller

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  1. Tyler Parsley

    Nice cast. I will say if there’s one game that I’ve absolutely put the most time into, it’s Resident Evil 4. Next in line is Spider-Man 2 on Xbox, and after that is X-Men Origins : Wolverine on PS3. I’m so glad to hear some love for that latter two especially Wolverine. Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine were the first games that I played that actually did the characters justice(as far as comic book characters anyway).

    I really like the Hit List idea, I don’t know why I haven’t seen anything like this before. I was wondering, do you all have any plans of covering an PS Vita stuff? I know there probably isn’t a huge demand for it but I am just curious.

    • Dalton Miller

      We are definitely looking into covering some Vita stuff Tyler, it is a good possibility that we will see something in the near future.

    • Tyler Parsley

      Awesome. There’s some good stuff going on with the Vita and I’d like to see it take a bigger presence.

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