Fate Cast News: Ding Dong the Wii U Is Dead & GTA V PC Version All but Confirmed

Wii U Dead

The week that ended on January 18, 2014 was pretty slow, unfortunately. We saw a new Dark Souls II trailer, which I have attached to this post, and GTA V is pretty much all but announced for the PC. The biggest story of the week is easily the fact that Nintendo/NPD announced that the Wii U has been a colossal and absolute financial failure. Tune in to find more, and before you comment, no, I don’t hate Nintendo.

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Dalton Miller
Dalton Miller

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  1. Please don’t over exaggerate nor call something dead that is probably one of the most charming consoles I have seen in a long time. Here is a idea do something helpful and defend Nintendo, some helpful criticism buy not just a doom article. More competition is always better even if you are not the biggest fan of a company.

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