Fate Cast: Game of the Year Edition


Well, it has been a fantastic year for video games people, and this week the Fate Cast Crew run down their individual top 3 games of 2013. Do we have a gaudy, poorly photoshopped trophy? You bet your ass. Will Bioshock Infinite get snubbed? Probably, but tune in anyway to find out! Additionally, the guys have some sweet games to give away on Steam, so post in the comments on our site about your favorite games this year for a shot at: Fear 1-3, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Batman Arkham City/Asylum, LOTR War in the North, Guardians of Middle Earth, Arkham Origins DLC, and Mortal Kombat Kollection. First come, first served, and be sure to let us know which one you want!

Editor’s Note: Jed Pressgrove didn’t correctly recall some details about his No. 3 Game of the Year choice, Grand Titons by Devi Ever. He incorrectly said that you end up with a vagina by the end of the game; in reality, you simply remove your testicles. He also neglected to mention that the game is autobiographical. Jed sincerely regrets and apologizes for his mistake.

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Dalton Miller

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  1. i would say GTA V but is not on PC sooo, i guess im going for bioshock infinite, tomb raider, gone home, and stanley parable. hopefully we gettin gta v on pc in mid 2014.

  2. For me it will be 2 games i think :
    The Last of us and Bioshock Infinite
    it’s kinda hard to choose between them .

    thank you for the sweet sharing .

    if there is a chance to win a code , could i have the Batman Arkham City Asylum please ?
    thanks .

  3. My two nominations (going up at the site I work at, http://www.jacehallshow.com), include Gunpoint by Tom Francis, and Fire Emblem Awakening.

    Gunpoint was a game I enjoyed because its presentation never felt especially seperate from its mechanic and design, like an escalating set of rules and puzzles that felt like if you just turned a metaphorical page, you could see the code and basic mechanics guiding every interaction. It also was a game that seemed to grasp actual comedy, and knew how to use funny moments sparingly. But pthe biggest reason I suggest it is because it presented a completely alternate view to look at guns and gun ownership,. It drastically increases the consequences for participating in gun violence, while not explicitly punishing the player for it.

    My second pick is Fire Emblem–I’ve loved every iteration of the fantasy series, but I loved how this one hooked its improved mechanics AND its story around the idea of character relationships, be they mother/daughter, husband/wife, or best friends. Combat, narrative, and strategy are all based around your characters becoming friends and lovers with each other, and that felt really fresh in a genre that tends to devoid itself of humanity sometimes.

  4. Also, I guess I wouldn’t mind getting FEAR 2 since I never played it. Might give me reason to finish the first one.

  5. I have a top 5.
    5. Tomb Raider
    4. Dead Space 3
    3. The Swapper
    2. Bioshock Infinite
    1. Assassins Creed 4

    It feels a bit weird having 4 AAA games in a top 5, but I honestly loved them over everything I played this year. Not to discount indie games at all. I enjoyed a lot of those, but the fun and experience I had with these games was top notch. The Swapper flew under a lot of radars this year, so if you’re into indie games you should definitely check it out.

  6. R* did made a show creating GTA V, but I believe it lacks many things a game of the year should really have. It’s basically a violent life simulator, story isn’t the best, graphics are nice but could be way better. My choice for GOTY would be The Last of Us, and that’s coming from someone who didn’t even play it (yes I know, I watched at least 3 different complete LPs) and have to say NaughtyDog nailed it, great story, awesome graphics and has great characters. As for indies I’m not entirely sure, this year was kinda difficult to choose, 2012 was easier because of Mark of the Ninja.

    That’s my opinion I suppose, ah and I would like War in the North if its available. Thank you kindly!

  7. Having not played most of the possible GOTY candidates, my choice goes to Bioshock Infinite. Overall is not a perfect game, as it has already been greatly discussed, but I can’t simply forget those great moments that it indeed brings, some mind-blowing elements that definitely stand out as some of the greatest videogaming moments of this year. It’s a completely worthwile experience and a fair candidate in my opinion.

  8. The Best for me are Bioshock Infinite and AC4:Black Flag.
    Bioshock Infinite had mediocre gameplay but it was a damn beautiful game with a compelling story. Definitely recommend it to anyone you would like to introduce to gaming. I know AC4: Black Flag may not seem epic compared to GTA V. But I didn’t even play GTA V because I’m a pc gamer. I think Black Flag fed my pirate fantasy. Ubisoft may not be as talented in creating cinematics like rockstar but they managed to get me relating to the character and his loss towards the end.

    Oh and can I have Scribblenauts Unlimited?

    • Dalton Miller

      I think we have one more copy of Scribblenauts laying around, give us a bit to locate it. If we can’t find it would like one of the other games?

    • Tyler Parsley

      Hey bub. I have a copy of Scribblenauts Unlimited for ya. Give me a follow back on Twitter and I’ll hook you up.

  9. I’m going with Fez and of course, BioShock Infinite, as my favorite games of the year. Fez is just so brilliant and fun to play! As for BioShock Infinite, it is the very best first person shooter game I’ve ever played. Everything about BioShock Infinite was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

    I would love Scribblenauts Unlimited if you’re still giving it away – it looks like a fun game! :)

  10. My two favourite games of 2013 are Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us.

    Yes I know I really went for the obscure games there, didn’t I? Regardless though, whilst these games were over hyped by people as being revolutionary or as a Citizen Kane of gaming (shudders) I believe they were still excellent games.

    To start, GTA V. This game has taken up 40 hours of my time in single player alone. There is a lot of great side content and San Andreas is a beautiful looking place, despite running on old hardware (which makes it even more impressive) The gun play is fantastic and cars control a million times better than in GTA IV. Also, the main and side characters are very entertaining. Sure they may not offer as much depth as characters in other games but they still had great chemistry with one another. Also whilst the writing is heavy handed it’s still very funny and the satire does still work. When you include multiplayer (which is a mixed bag but still has value) this game is definitely worthy of being one of my favourites of 2013.

    Another game I enjoyed a lot was The Last of Us. Whilst the plot is fairly generic and you can tell some things a mile away, it’s still intriguing and has excellently written characters. In addition, the gameplay offers a very brutal and lasting combat which makes most gun fight a panic inducing affair as you constantly look out for enemies advancing towards you. Add in beautiful graphics that squeeze every inch out of the PS3 hardware and you have another excellent contender for GOTY. Also, the multiplayer is surprisingly well done. Which is a surprise, given that most single player games with a heavy emphasis on story tend to put little effort in them.

    So there you have it. These are my two games that tie for GOTY for me. I can understand people’s flaws with both as they are far from perfect but to me, their other qualities far surpass their few shortcomings.

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