Fate Cast Episode 14: PC vs. Console Throwdown


This week the Fate of the Game Crew welcomes guest star Jason Lamb of 1MoreCastle.com to an epic debate. Which platform is better — PC or Consoles? Be sure to give it a listen as there are some Steam codes for Strike Suit Zero and Tomb Raider thrown to the wind as well!

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Dalton Miller
Dalton Miller

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  1. No $400 PC bought new is going to come close to the power of a new $400 PS4, you will need nearer to a $800 to $1000 PC to match optimised games on PS4. So the next gen consoles are far better value to PC in terms of price at this moment in time.

    • Dalton Miller

      Yes, it is possible to “build” a PC that can equal the fidelity of what we have seen so far out of both next Gen consoles for a comparable price. That said, you won’t find a PC “on store shelves” for that price that will. Thus the conundrum.

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