Fancy Space Ninjas? Let’s take a look at Warframe.


Awakened after centuries of cryosleep following a great war, an ancient group of lost warriors called the Tenno find themselves in a new war. The Tenno are the last surviving descendants of an ancient civilization from Earth. With advanced armor, guns and swords, the Tenno take action as verifiable space ninjas throughout the surrounding galaxies to fight back the warring factions, Grineer and Corpus. There is also an enemy – which is all-too-familiar to Halo fans who remember The Flood – called the Infested.




As one of the Tenno, you are armed with an advanced, specialized suit of armor called a Warframe. Each Warframe has unique abilities, such as the Loki Warframe’s invisibility or the Rhino Warframe’s charge attack. Each player will start with a primary and secondary ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. The Tenno are tasked with missions throughout the universe. There are even instance-style missions that pop up periodically with an expiration timer in order to keep the action fresh and to reward the player for taking part.






Generally, I really enjoy anything sci-fi like Warframe. The idea of being an ancient space ninja is awesome. Just take a look at the images and how the art and style of each Warframe is distinctive.






Warframe is a third-person game with an emphasis on cooperative play. While not an MMO, the game does offer up to four-player cooperative missions so that you can team up with friends or random players through the matchmaking system. Warframe also has RPG elements. When you complete missions, you not only acquire elements to build and upgrade weapons and armor but experience points as well. You will benefit from experience points along with the mods randomly dropped by fallen enemies. The mods can be used to upgrade a weapon or armor with various attributes such as elemental effects or speed.






The weapon and armor system has some depth to it. Most equipment in Warframe can be purchased with one of two types of in-game currency: (1) credits earned after the completion of missions and (2) credits bought with real money. You don’t have to spend a real-world dime on anything, as a good bit of the weapons and armor can be built via blueprints that can be bought with the mission credits. The blueprints require parts and elements that will be found throughout particular missions on certain planets. Or you can use your purchased currency to outright buy the items for instant usage. If you have money to throw into the game, you can certainly get an edge on other free players.

I guess this would be a good time to talk about Warframe being a free-to-play game. You can download and play Warframe today for absolutely nothing. Warframe is brought to us by Digital Extremes, which developed Dark Sector. The art style and gameplay are certainly reminiscent of Dark Sector.




Right now, the game is only on Windows PC and is presented as an open beta, but it was announced to be coming to the Playstation 4 after the console launches. Since it is in open beta, the developer is constantly updating, fixing and adding features, such as the recent addition of clan support called Dojos that feature a player vs. player dynamic. I have yet to try this, feature so I don’t know how well the PvP works.

The community behind Warframe is excellent. The developers are really listening to gamers and making changes based on their comments. I’m very interested to see how much the game will change before the hard launch.




Graphically, Warframe is beautiful with its environments, lighting, and effects. The wall-running and dodging mechanics are pretty smooth and bring you seamless, fast-paced gameplay like Ninja Gaiden.  Check out all of the gorgeous gameplay screens and the badass PS4 E3 trailer released a couple of weeks ago.  The trailer showcases the various abilities and different weapons available in the game. The bow is where it’s at! When you hit an enemy with it, they go flying backwards and nail to the wall. I can’t express how awesome the game plays. If you have a Windows PC, download this now and give it a try. When Warframe gets a hard release, stayed tuned for a Fate of the Game review. Thanks for reading!







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