Digital Extremes Releases Warframe Update 9 And Reveals Current Player Count


This weekend, Digital Extremes released a shiny new update to its free-to-play, third-person action game, Warframe. The update includes a new character class, updated builds for the randomized map generator, new Prime Weapons, and a host of bug fixes.

Additionally, DE revealed that the current player count for Warframe has reached the 3 million mark. From what I have played of the game personally (around 25 hours), I can tell you it’s a totally enjoyable co-op action experience, and since it is free to play, there is no excuse not to try it.

Digital Extremes has done a great job so far improving upon the game since its initial beta release back in February, and the company show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Warframe is currently available for the PC through Steam and is coming soon to the PlayStation 4.

Check out the full update details below:

Update 9 is here, Tenno, and Warframe has now amassed a ninja-following of 3 million—1 million more since Update 8! Let’s celebrate with new content, features, and more…


NOVA WARFRAME: After many rounds of brainstorming discussions and voting with our Design Council—the antimatter-themed Warframe is NOW available! As unpredictable as antimatter itself, NOVA puts an interesting twist into any battle and brings an innovated set of powers to the table.


MAP EXPANSIONS: The OROKIN VOID and GRINEER GALLEON have new mission styles added! Get ready to play Defense and Capture within the Void, and Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception, and Capture in Grineer Galleon.


NEW PRIME WEAPONS: The Prime collection is growing! Five new prime weapon blueprints have been scattered throughout the Void: Bronco Prime, Paris Prime, Braton Prime, Fang Prime, and Orthos Prime. Will you collect them all?


CAPTAIN VOR BOSS BATTLE: Captain Vor has been revamped with new techniques only the best Tenno will be able to overcome. The fight is worth it: get ready for an amazing new weapon blueprint—a pistol that truly is the first of its kind.


NEW WEAPONS: From the rapid-firing SOBEK Grineer shotgun, to the HIKOU Tenno throwing stars, there is a weapon fit for every Tenno. Interested in researching weapons in your dojo? The SPECTRA Corpus pistol is now available for clan research.


WARFRAME HELMETS- SERIES II: 14 helmets have been added—all Warframes now have their own unique helmet!


… and—as always—MORE!


Want the quick scoop? Check out our Update 9 video with Creative Director Steve Sinclair.


Want the full scoop? Visit the Warframe forums for full update notes.

Stay tuned to Fate of the Game for more details on Warframe.


Dalton Miller
Dalton Miller

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  1. Nice article i been playing this game since it first came out and i love that they are adding new stuff. I’m glad this game is coming to ps4 cause im not gonna be getting any game for a while after i get the ps4 and this will be great for grouping up with friends think the developers said they will be adding a story to the ps4 release with a bit more backstory on the ninjas. thnx for the info and keep up the good work

  2. DE STEVE SINCLAIR lied and it should be known I think. Way back when Warframe was new, I played it. I noticed all the content was soloable and after playing for awhile I decided that this was the game for me. I love to solo. I don’t like games that don’t scale properly and allow people to solo. The fact was back then I could solo all the missions. I asked them on Twitter and at some convention I think it was Pax if the game would always allow people to solo all the content. I specifically asked if the solo player would always get the same rewards as the people who like playing with others. I was told YES. That if I backed the game through a Founders Pack ($250) I’d be backing the game I played and liked. I asked several times and got that answer. So I backed it, twice because it was the game I had wanted. Something I can play alone with alittle more depth than Left 4 Dead 1/2 or Borderlands 1/2.

    Now they have released so many updates, people in clans get better rewards. People who group basically get better stuff or access to things solo people could never have. I play with the big button on Solo and sometimes I even play with one other and the content is just too difficult especially after the last update to really solo or play 2 player, and enjoy. It’s frustrating. They keep adding nice stuff for people who want to be in a clan or group, but they promised back in the beginning when the game was in fact soloable that it always would be. They lied to me and took my money. I don’t give money to a game I don’t like and they never said that anything would change. They said it would always scale for the solo player. They lied to my face and online multiple times.

    I’m not saying the game is bad, just that they lied when money was needed and the population was low. I just think that’s wrong that the game I backed and paid alot of money to help is not the game we have now. Surely I would not have backed it at all if any content forced me to play with complete strangers. That’s just not the game it was. DE or at least Steve Sinclair and whoever responded on Twitter to me and the old forums are liars. It’s upsetting. I wish they’d sell the game I played as a single player or two player game, with the new content being dlc for that. That was the game I loved and backed with alot of money.

    • Dalton Miller

      Mad, I am sorry to hear that you feel you were mislead, but just this past week I went solo on a couple of runs and did fine. I have only played with more than 2 on a couple of occasions, and every mission we played was fine, as far as scalable difficulty. I need to play some more after update 9 to see if that is still the case, but are you kitted out? Do you have upgrades and leveled weapons for the missions you are trying to do? Just curious?

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