Fate Cast: Game of the Year Edition

Well, it has been a fantastic year for video games people, and this week the Fate Cast Crew run down their individual top 3 games of 2013. Do we have a gaudy, poorly photoshopped trophy? You bet your ass. Will Bioshock Infinite get snubbed? Probably, but tune in anyway to find out! Additionally, the guys… continue reading →

gamecube controller

Fate Cast Episode 18: Next-Gen Dive-In and the Gamecube Controller

In this week’s episode of the Fate Cast, Tyler and Seth discuss their first two weeks of PS4 ownership, Jed says A Link Between Worlds may just be the best Zelda game ever, and everyone loves the Gamecube Controller. Cameo appearances include Halo, Mario, and TressFX. On iTunes .mp3 Download