Train With the League of Shadows in Arkham Origins’ First DLC

New add-on content was revealed today for Batman Arkham Origins. The DLC is titled Initiation. It seems to revolve around a beardo Bruce Wayne training alongside ninjas in the League of Shadows. The announcement is somewhat confounding, as the end of the trailer states that challenge maps will be available. I was under the impression… continue reading →


Steam Autumn Sale Day 5 Update

Good news everyone! We can all forget about those new “little toys” that just released and focus on what’s truly important — cheap, graphically superior PC games! Steam Autumn Sale Day 5 is now upon us with more great deals on virtually everything in the catalog. I know, I know, don’t get too excited. Just… continue reading →


Open-World Star Wars Game In Development at EA

Thanks to a recent job posting, EA has inadvertently revealed that an untitled open-world Star Wars game is indeed in development. Last month EA Canada posted a job for an animation director. The post cites a Star Wars team (EA Canada)  developing “a major new next gen open world action game.” Not to mention back… continue reading →


Another Pirate Game? Sign Me Up

Man, another game featuring salty sea dogs! This must just be my year. I am having a friggin’ blast with ACIV Black Flag, but it won’t last forever. So where am am I supposed to get my fill of “Arrghs” and “cutlasses” after I’m done with Assassin’s Creed? Reality Pump, the developer who brought us… continue reading →