Capcom’s E3 Was Lackluster

Was it just me, or did Capcom’s E3 line-up suck? As a Capcom fan, I think the company should have offered more than Dead Rising 3, DuckTales Remastered, Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, and a new Phoenix Wright title for the 3DS. In contrast, companies like Ubisoft didn’t leave gamers wanting more.

“Everyone thought it was over. But it’s just getting started.” That’s what Capcom tells us in the E3 trailer to Dead Rising 3, an Xbox One exclusive. The company had to tell us that since it had said there would be a “big surprise” at the Capcom E3 show.

But did anyone really believe that Dead Rising was over? We’re talking about Capcom, the company that has been selling multiple versions of sequels – much less sequels themselves – for two decades. If anything, it would be a big surprise if Capcom didn’t make a sequel or a revision of one of its many games.

Maybe I’m just tired of zombies. Check this out. I can’t be the only person desensitized to this crap. We live in a world where you can sign up for 5k runs where zombies chase you, for Chun Li’s sake.

How about a new fighting game from Capcom’s E3 show? Nope, though it probably would’ve been something like Street Fighter vs. Kitchen Appliances anyway. We do get Mega Man in the new Smash Bros. game, but is Capcom planning a new Mega Man game that isn’t a predictable NES throwback title like Megan Man 9 or 10? That would be nice. Hell, I would buy any new Mega Man game that Capcom throws at me, as long as it’s not an NES throwback (and this is coming from a retro gamer). I wouldn’t care if it’s Mega Man Walking the Streets. It’s the character’s 25th birthday. Make him a prostitute!

But seriously, zombies aren’t surprising, man. Enjoy your Xbox One exclusive, people (the game might be awesome despite my misgivings). More than likely I’ll still be playing Street Fighter IV on the 360.

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  1. Dude….Ducktales game. Capcom get a pass to be lazy bastards for another year right there.

    Surprised their wasn’t a new DMC game but yeah, they could’ve given us a Street Fighter 4 Hyper Sensitive Do-over Edition or one of the many franchises that are rotting away in their fault since the early 00′s.

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