GTAV Online Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

This morning Rockstar released its first in-depth video footage of Grand Theft Auto V‘s new multiplayer experience, titled separately as Grand Theft Auto Online. Sixteen players will take to the open world of Los Santos, but Rockstar promises that the multiplayer mode will continue to expand and evolve after its launch with new content from… continue reading →


Club Nintendo Announces 2013 Elite Status Gifts

Nintendo has officially announced its Club Nintendo 2013 Elite Status rewards, marking the end of yet another fiscal year — a magical time for executives and the Big N’s loyalist of loyal consumers. The first, for attainers of Platinum Status, is a three-poster set featuring artwork for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, The… continue reading →


Fate of the Game Cast: Episode 03

Microsoft turns tail on DRM, Tyler gets a 3DS and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair references run amok in the third episode of the Fate of the Game Cast. For Mobile Listeners: Fate of the Game Cast: Episode 03


Fate of the Game Cast: Episode 02

It’s E3 2013, the newsiest of news moments for the video game industry this year. In our second episode, we delve right into the conferences from Microsoft, Sony and the big developers and also spend a lot of time talking about Nintendo’s unorthodox approach to … well, everything really. For Mobile Listeners. Fate of the… continue reading →


Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference: Nutshell Edition

Microsoft fired the first shot of E3 Monday morning, showcasing a steady stream of new games and features coming to its Xbox One and, as predicted, avoiding details on the potential pitfalls of the always-online, Big Brother-like policies everyone is speculating about. Most notably, the company announced a November launch and a price point of… continue reading →

Wolfenstein: The New Order Annoucement Trailer

Bethesda is resurrecting the Wolfenstein franchise just in time for the holiday season, which most can agree is the best time of the year to slay Nazis dabbling in the occult. While details are scarce on the plot and setting, we know the game is coming out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and next… continue reading →